Linseed Oil EUROLEN 250 ml & 500 ml

Linseed Oli
​HEALTH AND BEAUTY – Acids Omega 3*6*9

Linseed oil cold pressed (untreated) is without doubt the healthiest fat food. The high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids – Omega 3, 6, 9 – makes it the best dietary supplement for the human body. SECPOL company is co-owner and the sole and exclusive distributor of the brand EUROLEN linseed oil.



Linseed oil is pressed from the seeds of flax. Linseed or flax seeds, have been known since antiquity. They were used by the Greeks and Romans. Forefather of medicine – Hippocrates – recommended their use for abdominal pains and inflammation of the mucous membranes. Linseed oil is cold pressed, at a temperature not exceeding 50°C, so that the oil components (mostly temperature sensitive unsaturated fatty acids) retain their natural structure and biological properties. Linseed oil is light yellow to ocher and transparent. It has a peculiar smell and taste of hazelnut tone. Mahatma Gandhi emphasized: “Wherever flax seed is eaten fairly regularly, there people enjoy better health.” Recent scientific studies have fully confirmed the wholesomeness of flax seed.


Medicinal and health properties are a result of the bioactive compounds, particularly unsaturated fatty acids and lignans contained in linseed oil. Wealth of these beneficial substances makes it beyond its traditional culinary purpose a preparation of an extremely wide range of health application. It assists in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and hypertension, helps with peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, and chronic inflammatory bowel disease because it strengthens and regenerates the mucous membranes of the entire length of the gastrointestinal tract and excretory system (hemorrhoids). It stimulates metabolism, which can prevent the formation of gall stones, and even cause their dissolution. It is an effective means of mitigating the effects of chronic constipation. It strengthens the immune system, inhibits the inflammatory processes taking care of the condition of the joints. It has anti-cancer properties and good effect on the metabolism. It may be used also externally to skin diseases and hair loss. It accelerates the regeneration of epidermis and dermis, and therefore is useful in the treatment of bedsores, ulcers and boils. Linseed oil is alternatively used in the treatment of infertility and diseases of the prostate, and the correct ratio between the intake of omega-3 and omega-6 protects also against premature birth. Linseed oil helps in the treatment of depression (hormones of happiness are produced with omega-3), it also improves the overall condition of the body and well-being.


Because of its beneficial properties, the linseed oil is recommended for dry skins with signs of flaking, inflexible, rough. It is also recommended to strengthen nails. It is sometimes used also in therapeutic massage of the skin, feeding it and giving it flexibility. EFA deficiency is associated with various types of skin diseases, including eczema and psoriasis – consuming linseed oil provides the body with the necessary amount of EFA. Omega-3 acids activate the processes of eliminating the evil effects of excessive exposure to UV rays on skin cells. Linseed oil works against the formation of blackheads and supports hormonal balance (acne). Lignans contained in flaxseed oil inhibit activity of the enzyme causing baldness in men. Linseed oil is an excellent option for those on a diet and who care about slim figure, because streamlines the fat burning processes and prevents its accumulation, promotes muscle growth, converts nutrients for energy, is involved in the transport of oxygen and hemoglobin production, which increases efficiency and endurance , and significantly shortens recovery time.


Due to its specific properties the linseed oil should not be used for frying. Used cold, is a perfect addition to salads, sauces, cooked vegetables and other dishes. It is assumed that we should deliver one gram of oil for every kilogram of body weight per day .Most adults, however, should take 2-4 tablespoons a day, and 6-8 tablespoons per day during a treatment. The demand for EFAs of a developing child's or adolescent's organism and is higher as for adults. Increased doses of this oil do not result in adipose tissue. Please note that we are not dealing with a drug or supplement, but simply a natural food product of exceptional health values.


* Flaxseed contains 700 !!!times more lignans than other plant species (lignans – vegetable forerunners of tissue hormones with anti-cancer properties)
* Omega-3 acids build e.g. brain tissue (60% of the brain is the omega-3), hormones synthesis and any cells in the body
* After a few days of using linseed oil we can restore the body's homeostasis or balance
* Linseed oil is the primary fat in the diet of bodybuilders
* Cold pressed linseed oil, the untreated, has a record number of omega-3 fatty acids, as per 1 liter of the oil above 50% of the composition is omega-3 (2 times more than in the shark liver oil)
* Fatty acids of the omega-3 cause an increase in the so-called “Good cholesterol”, so the linseed oil is effective against atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction and hypertensive disease, and in addition these acids effectively prevent repeated heart attack and act antiarrhythmic
* Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease by 30%

250 ml / 500 ml
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